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What ID do I need to show to vote in this election?

Here are the acceptable forms of photo ID for this election: Except for the U.S. citizenship certificate, your ID must be current or have expired no more than four years before being voting. Also, the address on the ID does NOT need to match the address where you are registered.

What if I don't have one of the acceptable photo IDs?

If you don't own any of these seven items, and cannot reasonably get one of them, you CAN still vote. You must sign a declaration at the polls explaining why you are not reasonably able to get one of the approved IDs, and you must provide one of the following:

What if I have an acceptable ID, but forget to bring it?

You can still vote a "provisional ballot". That's just like a regular ballot EXCEPT that it will only be counted if the voter goes to the voter registrar's office within 6 days after the election and show an ID that would have been accepted when they voted.

Are there exemptions from the photo ID requirement?

Voters with a disability may apply to the county registrar for a permanent exemption to showing approved photo ID. Also, voters who have a consistent religious objections to being photographed may apply for a temporary exemption to showing approved photo ID at the polls.

This information provided as a public service for Harris County residents
by former State Representative Scott Hochberg.

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